Bringing Your Hopes And Dreams To Life!

The joy of making it through college despite numerous adversities is unmatched! Everyone, from graduates to family members have been looking forward to this very moment, a graduation day filled with photoshoots, dinners, and lunches to celebrate the milestone. But no one really prepares graduates for what is set to come. The uncertainty that comes with completing school and being tossed into the job market is unnerving. Here you are with your hard-earned degree, a family and community filled with expectations and little to no employment opportunities available. Even worse for you if you are a first-generation graduate who now has the responsibility of uplifting siblings or an entire family and sometimes even a community. Tough call!

I remember my experience applying for jobs fresh out of college. My enthusiasm was quickly shut down as I was met with job requirements that needed me to have at least 2 years’ experience for an entry position. It made no sense.  How was I ever going to gain any sort of experience if no employer was willing to take a chance on me, a fresh graduate?

This is the predicament of most Kenyan youth. The events that have taken place in the past one year have made it even more difficult for the youth to secure jobs. In fact, a good number were laid off with the onset of the pandemic. We all can attest to how gruelling the job-hunting process is. It takes a toll on one’s mental, psychological as well as financial wellbeing.

 It is because of this that Akili Network founded the Hopes and Dreams Internship Programme; an initiative to create employment opportunities, nurture high potential, equip the Kenyan youth with skills as well as provide them with an opportunity to gain experience in various fields such as Marketing, Production, Sales, Graphic Design and IT.

The programme that officially kicked off in July 2021 with the very first intern joining the PR and Corporate Communications Desk, provides 3 types of internships. 

1. School/Industrial Attachment

This internship will be an opportunity for those still pursuing their studies to get hands on experience in their fields of study.

2. Career Launch Internship

(Finally, something for fresh graduates!!)

An internship that targets individuals looking to launch their professional careers. This category includes University Graduates, Graduate trainees as well as professionals with less than 1 year of work experience.

3.The Outliers Program

Are you a Doctor looking to launch a career in Design?

We’ve got you covered!!

This is an opportunity for individuals with a drive to perform, an unquenchable thirst and a willingness to learn, to gain some experience in their fields of interest regardless of their academic and professional backgrounds, expertise and even age.

There’s a lot of work that goes into ensuring that the programme achieves its purpose. To help us meet our goals we will be partnering with higher learning institutions such as Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Africa Digital Media Institute, Moringa School and Nairobits Trust to name a few. It is our hope that all those who go through this program will feel supported as they launch their professional journeys and take on the world of opportunities.

Interested in being part of The Hopes and Dreams Internship Programme? Look out for open opportunities on our Website and LinkedIn page.

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