Whole Child Akili Kids

Akili Network ensures that every program on Akili Kids! has a learning outcome. We believe that if a child is engaged and having fun, she will be more open and receptive to learning moments and naturally absorb new information.

Akili Network uses a "whole child" approach to learning through content, and we believe this approach can contribute to a child realizing her full potential. We want to stimulate and support her social, emotional, mental and physical well-being, as well as cognitive, academic and identity development. Curiosity, self-confidence, and executive function are all possible when the whole of a child is supported and valued.

Positive outcomes for her could include stronger personal and societal relationships, as well as situational and environmental awareness. This approach strengthens the bond between child and parent(s) while building awareness and respect for other values, beliefs, genders, and cultures.

From Edutopia Magazine: "Research suggests that "whole child development," not routine or standardized classroom-based learning, empowers children as creative and engaged citizens who can strengthen the wellbeing of a whole society. It is crucial, then, to nurture their creative abilities to express themselves, understand others, and navigate complex amounts of information so that they can confidently solve the problems of a world that's changing faster than ever." *



Akili Kids! programming is carefully curated by our team of experts to engage, delight and inspire all ages of children, from preschool early childhood-focused content blocks that introduce and engage kids with math, science, reading, Kiswahili, music and social-emotional learning; to school age and early teen content that will encourage curiosity, model positive relationships and build confidence.

We broadcast content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the goal of always showing engaging programs that our children can see themselves in, each program embedded with learning outcomes, on the safest destination for Kenyan children on free-to-air television.

Akili Kids! was fundamentally designed to encourage co-viewing for all ages of children and parents/caregivers, with the goal being that the entire family might  enjoy our programs together. Our parent engagement strategy on social media (primarily via Facebook) is designed to support inquiry and promote conversation between parents and children. You can see more at




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