Akili Network is created to bring learning and inspiration to the children of Kenya. We are a for-profit double-bottom-line entity, with the goal of creating value for our shareholders and a positive social impact for children, their families, and caregivers. Our strategy is to provide the broadest free access to the most positive, relevant programming available, and to produce shows that Kenyan children see themselves in, promoting content that models positive academic outcomes, values social-emotional awareness introduces and supports gender equality, and advances health, wellness, job awareness, community, and the creative arts.

We are also deeply committed to enhancing the relationships between parents and their children. Our supplemental content models positive behaviors and parental strategies to support children's engagement and enthusiasm, helping parents recognize and encourage their child's growing expertise and self-confidence.

Akili Network wants to help create wonderfully, engaged humans, and become the most trusted resource for children, parents, and caregivers in Kenya.


Akili Network has created the most child-protective advertising policy in Kenya, ensuring children and their families will not be presented with unsafe content or unhealthy snacks.  We ensure product presentation is truthful, fair, and appropriate for our audiences. We significantly limit commercial advertising during weekday early childhood programming hours.

We also air child-appropriate behavior change communications supporting NGOs and government agencies who are interested in reaching kids, teens, and families with important, informative content. We have the most powerful platform for reaching a previously underserved audience!

Akili Network actively engages with foundations and other sponsors to develop new programs that entertain, inform, and support the goals of the organizations we will work with.

Research and Impact Measurement


We are engaging with partners to develop impact studies that measure both learning and social outcomes associated with regular exposure to Akili Kids! If you are interested in developing an impact study with Akili Network, please reach out to us at hodi@akilinetwork.com.



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