Akili Network's mission is to become Africa's most trusted and valued family brand, creating and distributing TV, mobile, and Internet content for children and youth



More than 400 million children and youth under 18 are on the African continent. Starting with Kenya, Akili Network has launched Akili Kids!, the first and only dedicated local free-to-air children's television channel, with creative and educative content that parents can trust and children will enjoy. Akili Network broadcasts Akili Kids! via free-to-air terrestrial TV, satellite (StarTimes, DStv, GOtv, Zuku), mobile (Safaicom's Baze & K24 Plus App), and the Internet (https://akilikids.co.ke/watch, YouTube).

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Akili Kids! is the #1 TV channel in Kenya for households with children and youth under 18 before 6 pm.
Akili Kids! is the #2 TV channel in Kenya in households with children and youth between 6 pm and 10 pm, even with parents.
We are creating a new narrative for the Kenyan TV landscape that focuses on 24/7 children's and family educational programming. We have shifted prime-time viewing from evenings on the other channels to daytime between 6 am to 6 pm for children and families.
Akili Kids! has helped families weather the pandemic with a safe, fun, and educative destination that understands daytime is an essential viewing time for all members and ages, and families need safe, educative content to watch when everyone is at home together.
Akili Network has proven that co-viewing (when children and caregivers watch together) is not a trend; it's the new normal. By curating great programs that families can enjoy together, time spent in front of the television can make parent-child relationships stronger.
Akili Kids! continues to grow audience and market share, as the number one way to reach children, teens, Mums, Dads, and caregivers in Kenya.




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