The Rise Of African Animation.

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The African animation industry has slowly been gaining traction and recognition not just within the continent but globally as well. For a long time, when the subject of African animation came up, we mostly would think back to animal cartoons in a jungle and of course featuring the classic king of the jungle tale.  Things are…

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Fostering An Africa That Is Fit For Children.

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 This year’s theme for the Day of the African child is “accelerating the implementation of Agenda 2040 for an Africa fit for children” It has been a little over a year since we first hit the Kenyan airwaves. We were and still are doing something that has never been done before here in Kenya. Being…

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How To Identify A Burn-Out And What To Do Next


‘There is virtue in work and there is a virtue in rest. Use both, overlook none.’ Alan Cohen In the recent past we have adopted a culture that glorifies a life that is characterized by very late nights and extremely early mornings. While working hard and being productive are all good traits, they should not…

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How We Keep Our Creative Juices Flowing At Akili Network!

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Have you ever been in a situation at work where you were constantly demotivated and uninspired to get anything done? Did it get to a point where work began to feel boring and mundane, whereby exciting activities like content creation that gave you joy before now just felt meh! And tasks that would normally take…

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Kindness At Work: Why It Matters

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At one point or another we have suffered the effects of incivility at work, some of us have had it so rough to a point where we chose to resign for the sake of our mental health.  Kindness is not a very common practice in the corporate world. For the most part, it is associated…

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The Future Of Edutainment


The events that have taken place in the past one year have made us rethink our way of living and the sustainability as well as flexibility of systems that we have created over the years. The pandemic saw schools here in Kenya close for over 10months; a move that the entire country was not prepared…

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